A place for ICT specific courses

  • A set of resources for the delivery of Cambridge Nationals Unit R005 and/or Creative iMedia Unit 210 using Appshed to allow students to create mobile phone applications.
  • This courses builds on the 'Flash Animation' course and looks in more depth at Flash animation techniques, the use of scenes to create an interactive presentation and ActionScript.

    This course should provide suitable skills for most A Level Flash projects.
  • This course is aimed at any age group (although Y8 and below might find it quite challenging) and is designed to provide a basic introduction to animation techniques in Flash - including stop-frame, shape tweens and motion tweens.
  • A course aimed at Y8 students, investigating a range of image editing techniques and concluding with a single assessed piece of work.
  • A course aimed at Y9 students, beginning with a quick introduction to Google Sketchup and leading into a large project involving the design and promotion of a new housing estate - includes modelling, graphics and presentation skills, with possible additions including data handling and even sequencing!